A 5-year study involving more than 500 diabetic patients compared the effect of two healthy diets on the body, concluding that the Mediterranean diet favors the elimination of compounds affecting kidney function

A team from the Department of Psychology at the UCO has translated into Spanish and validated a scale to evaluate binegativity with a gender perspective, and developed a reduced version that makes it more efficient

A joint project by two UCO research groups manages, in a simple and less resource-intensive way, to convert sewage sludge into activated carbon, a material with adsorbent properties used in a wide variety of industrial processes

The Neolithic age – when agriculture and animal farming were adopted – has become one of the most widely studied periods of social and economic transition in recent years. It was a period that drove great change in the evolution of human society.

The Ucolivo group, within the framework of the GEN4OLIVE European project, is participating in the development of a neural network trained with the largest photographic database of olive endocarps

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A new design improves water decontamination via plasma jet

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Two UCO research groups design a plasma (an ionized gas) reactor maintained by microwaves that makes it possible to decontaminate waters with high concentrations of dye

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